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Our Services

At Renovoz, we design and build homes with a touch of excellence. For us, it is all about meeting clients’ needs and providing utmost satisfaction in our service delivery.

We offer a wide range of services and we don’t outsource any part of your project. We handle your project from the concept stage to the completion stage in a seamless manner.

T h e  P r o c e s s

  • When you contact us, we will offer you an initial design consultation. This consultation is obligation-free and it will be provided by a member of our expert team. At this stage, you will be able to discuss your preferred design requirements and your budget.

  • The designer goes ahead to develop the initial design draft and top line cost estimate. In case you already have an approved plan, you can share it with us and we will work with it to execute the plan.

  • When you approve the final design, we will prepare essential documentations, specifications, and plan. We advise our clients on approval processing and we take them through the difficult curves involved in the process.

  • At the receipt of the approval, we commence your project.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about; you can relax and look forward to your beautiful and stylish home space. Some projects you can engage our services for are listed below.

New Builds

& Granny Flats

At Renovoz, we design and construct new builds and granny flats that are tailored to suit your dream home. We understand that every home is different and every homeowner has different taste. We also understand that new builds and granny flats are not one size fits all. Therefore, we allow each of our clients to choose their design layout. You don’t have to do the job yourself; our expert designers and architects will be there with you all the way to help you achieve your desired design.

Renovoz team is reputable for providing only premium quality building materials and accessories from reputable Australian suppliers. We are consistent in our top-notch quality delivery and you can trust us to deliver the finished project to your utmost satisfaction. There are many benefits associated with adding an additional home unit, such as granny flat or duplex to your home. Apart from the additional space it provides for your large family, you can also rent it out and create another source of income for your family. And if at any point you want to sell your home, these additional units are great additions to the value of your home.

Are you ready to commence the plan for the construction of your new build home, granny flat or duplex? Call us today to receive an obligation-free consultation from one of our experts. We will provide you with a befitting design and walk you through the approval processing.

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the very important spaces in any home and when it comes to their renovations, it is highly recommended that you get a professional like Renovoz to get the job done. With the right plan and execution, your kitchen and bathroom can make a lot of difference in your lifestyle and the value of your property. For your kitchen, it has to speak convenience and practicality, and for the bathroom, it should be a safe haven where you can luxuriously pamper yourself.

Depending on your goal and budget, you can have a complete bathroom and kitchen renovations done concurrently. Renovating these two spaces at the same time makes a lot of practical sense. For instance, you reduce your home disruption to one time instead of two. Secondly, you save on cost in terms of supplies and professional services.

When you engage our service for your kitchen and bathroom renovations, we start off by working out a plan for both spaces. First, we will work with you to outline the specific features you want these rooms to have. Second, we plan out the spaces usage in relation to effective functioning of the rest of the home. After this, we begin to research specifications, materials, fittings, and appliances to help give you an idea of the budget. If you already have an approved plan for your kitchen and bathroom renovations, we will work with it. However, we can also design a workable and functional plan for your renovation.

Carpentry Finishes and Installations

Finishes and installation are the icing on the cake of any home. If they are not properly done, the beauty and aesthetic value of the home will be reduced. So why give your installation and carpentry finishes work to a non-professional when you can have the service of one of the best experts in Sydney?

At Renovoz, we offer mass carpentry finishes for large apartments, as well as accessories installation. You can trust us to get your door and kitchen installation, and bathroom accessories installation done without stress. We assure you of perfect finishing that will complete the beauty of your home.

General Building Services

Of course, you might not want to do a complete makeover for your home but who says you can’t give the space a facelift? There are amazing things you can do to your home without spending a fortune to increase the aesthetic value and resale value of your home. These include timber flooring, tiling, painting, framing, and gyprock. At Renovoz, we handle all these with our professional expertise. Simply get in touch with us and let us know the specific services you want in your home and our team of professionals will provide the perfect solutions for you. You have nothing to worry about; we will work within your budget and deliver within the agreed timeline.

Home Renovations, Extensions & Alterations

Are you considering giving your home a complete renovation? Or are you thinking of making additional extensions to accommodate your growing family? Or you would simply want to make some alterations to give your home a stylish and elegant look and feel? Renovoz is the right company for the job. We are your home renovation experts with over 30 years of experience putting smiles on homeowners’ faces with our impeccable services. We handle your home renovations from start to the completion stage and we deliver projects on time and within budget.

For your home renovations, extensions, or alterations, you can trust us to provide you with the design that fits your expectations and we ensure that the design meets environmental, privacy, and legal requirements of Australian standards and regulations.

When it comes to the cost of home renovations, there are a lot of factors that come into play. These include the size of the home, your choice of materials types, your choice of fittings and appliances, among others. To know exactly what your home renovations will cost, contact us and we will carry out appropriate review of your home in order to give you a specific cost.

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